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Welcome to the Convolution Bulletin Board System (BBS). This BBS is an ANSI styled system reminesent of the original dial-up BBSs in the 1980s and 1990s. This BBS can be accessed via telnet and ssh. A popular ANSI telnet client for Windows is mTelnet. SyncTerm is also popular.

Here you can play numerous door games, visit message networks, chat with other members, and more. I've added a lot of "daily" content, such as daily trivia, neverending story, oneliners, etc. to give another reason to call every day. Of course, this can all be bypassed if you want to head straight to the games via fast logon.

Door game scores and news bulletins are viewable both on the BBS as well as this website.

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Direct: telnet://convolution.us

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All news posted in the RSS feed (fixed as of 7/4/2013).

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  • battlenet (069,169,267,555,666)
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       Fearchar: In memory of Martin Luther King Jr.
     Spiffytech: 42
       Fearchar: Spem successus alit.
         Creaky: boneZ
      Stank Paw: Got a new cologne- called come to me. does is smell like 
      Stank Paw: come to you?
          Alco3: henlo new cmd.exe who dis
       Galaxian: Pentium burning my lap.
         Hanyuu: hau nanodesu~!
        Tetatdo: i finally figured out how to use Gterm with LOD over telnet!
My vision blurred and I blacked out, wondering if I'd killed
myself by drinking that swill.
Now fermented urine actually looks and tastes much the same as beer,
so when I awoke (the battle long since having ended), I considered
whether I might just have misidentified the beverage in the bottle,
and maybe it was simply beer. I looked around for someone to advise me
on where the nearest testing lab might be, but strangely, I couldn't
see a soul. Where was Darla, Keith, or Cody? Where was the bartender,
for that matter? Was I even still in a bar? I somehow knew I had to
learn the answers to all these questions or I wouldn't be able to