Operation Overkill II

The original wasteland BBS on-line
doorgame, Operation: Overkill, allows
your users to battle against the evil
and vile Hydrites in preventing them
from conquering the planet.  Great
user interaction provides for revenging
subplots of bloodlust and conquering.


The Time.... 2060 A.D.
The Place... Planet Earth.

It had been a time of terror -- one that had become known as the great
turning point of history.

After a vast nuclear war on Earth, the Human race was nearly wiped out.
Radiation loomed over the continents and absorbed into the vast oceans.
The water supply, which covered more than 3/4 of the planet, became con-
taminated.  Quickly, the remaining population contributed in converting
the remaining water supply into "water crystals".  These new crystals were
protected from any form of contamination due to atomic structure.  The money
system collapsed and soon became useless.  Water crystals soon became the
only source of bartering.

Meanwhile, other inner space planets were in the process of developing their
own civilizations -- one planet in particular, Hydrania.  However, Hydrania
lacked a major environmental resource in order to become a powerhouse of
the galaxy, an abundant water supply.  With Earth in its weakened position,
Hydrania seized the opportunity to attack.  Overkill, the commander of
Hydrania, led the merciless invasion on Earth.  His scaled soldiers, known
as Hydrites, attempted to collect the remaining water crystals.  In
retaliation, the remaining survivors of Earth formed a small alliance, the
HX Force.  The alliance managed to hide their water crystals deep below
Earth's surface and fend off several Hydrite regiments.  However, the HX
Force was overrun by Hydrites and eventually defeated.  During this attack,
the Hydrites managed to capture over twenty million water crystals and
return to Hydrania for decrystalization.  Luckily, Overkill was unable to
capture Earth's entire water crystal supply.

What remains now for the few Humans on Earth is a hidden Complex stationed
in an unknown terrain.  Here, the survivors are protected from the dangers
of the surrounding environment.  In order to stay alive, however, these
people must venture out into wastelands to search for food and find the
remaining water crystals.  But, still lingering throughout the wastelands
are the Hydrites, also seeking the remaining water crystals.  Other mutants
have crawled into existence from the horrifying radiation effects.  They
too, as well as other creatures, are striving for survival -- the survival
of the fittest.

For the remaining survivors, the primary goal is to locate the dreaded
Overkill commander and exterminate him.  However, the hard part is merely


Character Information
The character configuration consists of the following attributes:

Strength (STR):
 Strength is primarily the ability to exert force - especially during
 combat.  The greater your strength, the more damage you will be able to
 inflict in combat.  Strength also increases the number of items you are
 able to carry in your backpack.

Dexterity (DEX):
 Dexterity refers to manual dexterity and general agility.  The greater
 your dexterity, the more effective you will be in combat.  Dexterity
 also gives you speed and sense of direction when running.

Hit Points (HPs):
 Hit Points are the most important of all attributes.  A player is
 considered deceased if his/her hit points equal zero or below.  When
 viewing a player's status, the first number for hit points is their
 current value.  The second number is the maximum amount of hit points.

Radiation (RAD):
 This attribute displays the percentage of radiation contamination for
 a player.  A radiation factor of over 50% will prohibit a player from
 re-entering the Complex from the wastelands.  In hand-to-hand combat,
 the player is affected from the opponent's radiation factor (and vice-
 versa).  If the radiation percentage of a player reaches over 70%, the
 radiation will start to harshly affect the body.  Hit points will begin
 to permanently diminish.

Experience (EXP):
 Experience Points are awarded for efforts a player accomplishes.  The
 most effective way of gaining experience is by killing monsters, among
 other miraculous feats.  Players may also gain experience points by
 participating in the Games Room of the Barracks.  After raising a level,
 returning to the Complex and visiting the Training Room will increase
 player attributes.

Level (LVL):
~~~~~                 _
  Level 0  =       0   \
  Level 1  =   1,000    \
  Level 2  =   2,000     ]
  Level 3  =   4,000     ]
  Level 4  =   8,000     ]
  Level 5  =  16,000     ]  Experience points double for each level.
  Level 6  =  32,000     ]
  Level 7  =  64,000     ]
  Level 8  = 128,000    /
  Level 9  = 256,000  _/
  Level 10 = 406,000   \
  Level 11 = 556,000    ]  Experience points increase by 150,000
  Level 12 = 706,000+ _/   for each level.

Once a player has reached the needed experience points for a particular
level, he/she will need to train in the Recruit Chambers.  The player
will then receive an attribute bonus of four points to add to either
Strength, Dexterity, or Hit Points.  A water crystal bonus is also awarded.


Quick Helps:
These keys are available from most menus in the game:

'?' -- Displays menu again or shows help files
'!' -- Pages Sysop

The Complex Overhead:

                             *)Return to BBS
                               Main  Hall   <= First area after logon
                        ܰ      ߰       ߰
                      ܰ                   ߰
    ܰ                       ߰
     H)eadQuarters              ܰ                C)omm Post